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19 March, 2006

Now, there are many people in this world who, after studying the evidence, honestly believe that at least one of the Creation myths is literally true.

Take the Bible Creation myth… how does it square with the evidence?

Does it fit in with what we know from the fossil record to assert that every single part of this planet, and every living thing on it, was created at one single time around 4,000 years ago?

When we can trace how creatures have clearly evolved from their ancestors, when we can see genetic mutation at work, does it make sense to believe that all creatures were created at one time?

Does it seem reasonable to explain the existence of fossils, which carbon dating shows to be of many different ages, by saying that the Creator must have created fossils at the same single moment in time as he was creating the whole animal kingdom, the whole of our biosphere?

Not to me it doesn't.

But there must be some reason why people believe this kind of thing. What do they get from it? How does it help them?

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