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Sentient beings

15 April, 2006

We have a cat called Meg. She spends most of her life either (a) sleeping, (b) eating, (c) being stroked or, occasionally (d) playing.

Why? What's the purpose of her life?

Does there have to be one?

And if Meg's life doesn't have a 'purpose', why should I expect mine to have one? 


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  1. 18 April, 2006 1:48 am

    If allegorically, the Creation story tales the tell of the destruction of the Imago Dei (Image of God). Then is it not likely that the purpose of our lives are to find a restoration of our original purpose. Which possibly is to exist in the image of God? I would beg the question of whether we, before our fall, were much like a dumb animal, relying on instinct, and the goodness of God to: do good things, or live a good life.

    We were made in God’s image, with atleast the purpose of serving as such. Thus I find it atleast plausible, if not probable, that man kind has a general purpose. As far as an individual and personalized purpose I am not so sure. Although it would be well to note that certain persons are “meant” to teach, in as much as their gifts determine their purpose.

    Just a bite to chew on..

  2. 29 April, 2006 6:53 pm

    Thanks Dave. I’ve chewed on this.
    It wasn’t easy ‘cos I had to work hard to translate your God-language into something that better fits the non-theist, non-realist phase I’m currently going through.
    What I end up with is: the human writers of the Creation myths wanted to show us how we had allowed our behaviour to grow away from that ideal standard that represents everything that is best in us.
    They wanted us to bring our behaviour back in line with that: to really behave as if we were made in the image of the ultimate ground of our being (God).
    But, to me this is a circular argument, because it’s we humans who decide what this ideal standard is.
    So I seem to end up (interpreting you into my language) saying that our purpose is simply to be the best (in moral terms) that we can be (howsoever we may define ‘best’).
    I’ll chew on that a bit more.

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