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Boggling (2)

26 April, 2006

So, on the one hand, the enormity of the universe makes me doubt the existence of a Creator Being.

But then, on the other hand, I seem to be in a minority; it seems to be a common human response, when faced with the enormity of the universe / planet / wilderness, to ask where it came from, and why.

Presumably, such questions go back as far as the time when humans were first able to step outside their animaline routine of eating and procreating and ponder themselves and their environment, and imagine other realities. Not so long ago, in fact.

The conclusion that many reached was that a Greater Being must have caused these things to exist.

But that kind of begs the question ‘what caused the Greater Being to exist?’, a question which the various creation myths don’t seem to answer. Why not? Were we so pleased to have found an answer, any answer, that we didn’t want to probe it too much to see whether it held water?

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