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15 May, 2006

What do we mean by ‘meaning’, as in ‘the meaning of life’?

Do we mean cause, as in what’s the cause of my existence?

  • If so, does it help to know about the Big Bang, the formation of the Earth, primitive life forms, evolution, natural selection and our parents having sex?

Do we mean place or role, as in what’s my place in the great scheme of things?

  • If so, isn’t this a bit grandiose? Why do we feel this need to be seen as part of the bigger picture?

Do we mean purpose, as in where is (my) life heading, what am I here for?

  • If so, where do we get this idea that life has to have a purpose?
    Do we really want life to have a purpose?
    How would it help?
    Is it enough for me to decide for myself what that purpose is, or does it have to come from Somebody Else?
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