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Sickened by religion

20 January, 2007

Interviewer: “Did you declare yourself an atheist?”

Karen Armstrong: “I never went that far. To call yourself an atheist demands a degree of conviction and defiance and passion. I just fell away from religion, in an exhausted and wearied way. I felt sickened by it all. I had tried to open myself to God and God had wanted nothing to do with it. I realised I’d never believed much in this cosmic deity anyway and for about 13 years the whole idea of religion was utterly abhorrent.”

(taken from Belief)

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  1. 22 January, 2007 4:26 am

    I’m a big fan of Karen. When I was a practicing Muslim, I found her writings about all religions to be very fair, balanced and educational. I completely understand why she would be exhausted by it all. After all, there are fundamental differences between the major religions and there’s just no way to reconcile them.

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