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Consciousness sucks

11 March, 2007

Doesn’t consciousness just suck?

I mean sure, being a conscious mammal and all, you get to enjoy stuff, like music, or food, or sex, or sitcoms. And we seem to believe that dolphins aren’t really into fine wines and The Golden Girls (I know, I know, but what can I say?). So maybe we should be grateful.

But all the time at the back of your highly evolved brain is the one thought that you would really prefer not to be in your conscious awareness:

I am going to die, and then it’s all over for me

I mean, the fact that there should be a


at the end of the sentence, because no-one knows if it will really be the end when they die, doesn’t help a lot. The question always dangling there is,

How can I enjoy this, when I know it’s gonna end sooner or later?

Any answers (that don’t involve the G-word)?

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  1. 2 April, 2007 2:01 am

    I’ve been reading a lot about Hinduism lately, and while it’s a pretty diverse umbrella of beliefs, a major thread seems to be that consciousness is actually the ultimate reality. Or even that consciouness is all there is.

    Think about it, the world you experience is actually a construct existing only in your consciousness. Your sense organs perceive light and sound vibrations and chemicals in the air, and they send signals to your brain which interprets them: your consciousness composes a picture of reality based on hearsay testimony.

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