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Maybe atheism isn’t all that bad

12 March, 2007

Atheism has had a bad press for a long while.

In some societies, admitting to being an atheist automatically marks you out as weird and untrustworthy; (i.e. more weird than people who believe that a God created the Earth in a week; less trustworthy than pastors who preach that homosexuality is a sin, but enjoy a bit of homosexual sex in secret… go figure.)

This article from the L A Times puts the other side of the arguments about atheism.

(It kind of loses my respect when it refers to Richard Dawkins’ lastest rant as a ‘marvellous book’, but I guess this just goes to show that atheists aren’t perfect either…)

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  1. 2 April, 2007 1:58 am

    Wow. That’s a fantastic article. I have some thinking to do.

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