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Living uncertain lives

18 April, 2007

What remains is the innate compulsion to go on asking the unanswerable question of life’s meaning. And it is the fact of its unanswerability that makes the question so compelling.

We find ourselves as conscious beings in an apparently unconscious universe and wonder what it means.

We know quite a lot about how we came about, but there is no satisfactory explanation as to why we came about.

Most people … don’t like living uncertain lives with the big question permanently unanswered, so they go for closure by opting into one of the religions.

Then they can get on with building up the rest of their lives with that big hole in the foundations filled in.

From Looking in the Distance by Richard Holloway

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  1. 19 April, 2007 12:27 pm

    The hole is more likely to be filled by sex, drugs, rock and roll, an ‘ism, sport, risk taking behaviour, etc. Things which are not involved with words and questions, but which work at a deeper level. So, the words of theology aren’t what most people are looking for. They are looking for comfort. They need love.
    I liked Holloway’s other quote.

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