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Cosmic No-thing

20 April, 2007

We try to care about one another, but life itself, the life that impels its indifferent way through time and space, does not seem to care about anything; it simply is.Even that does not quite capture the mood because to say that the life force ‘is’ gives it a sense of stability, when, in fact, we experience it as constant change; it is not so much Being, as Passing, as something endlessly in the process of becoming something else.

There are times when the cosmic indifference of life is as disorienting as being lost in a dense wood or as frightening as falling overboard into the sea at night with no one to know where we have gone.

The strange thing is that this void, this Nothing or No one, gave us birth, and it is impossible not to be emotionally involved with a parent, however absent and indifferent.

From Looking in the Distance by Richard Holloway

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