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13 May, 2007

“the total emptiness forever,
The sure extinction that we travel to
And shall be lost in always. Not to be here,
Not to be anywhere,
And soon;
nothing more terrble, nothing more true.This is a special way of being afraid
No trick dispels. Religion used to try,
That vast, moth-eaten musical brocade
Created to pretend we never die,
And specious stuff that says No rational being
Can fear a thing it will not feel, not seeing
That this is what we fear – no sight, no sound,
No touch or taste or smell, nothing to think with,
Nothing to love or link with
The anaesthetic from which none come round.
And so it stays just on the edge of vision,
A small, unfocused blur, a standing chill
That slows each impulse down to indecision.
Most things may never happen: this one will …

From Philip Larkin: Aubade

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  1. 15 May, 2007 1:02 pm

    Thanks for another good quote. Hope you don’t mind another comment. Larkin has captured the deep fear very well. Hard to know just how very deep it goes. My suspicion is that this fear is deep in the twist in replicating molecules and either the primary driver, or one of the primary drivers, of life. Definitely part of who we are. Probably strong and deep enough to sustain a religion, certainly enough for a political party. A dark place, the valley of the shadow of death.

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