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Fly by faith

28 August, 2007

So, It seems that Catholics now have their own lo-cost airline.

“A senior Vatican cardinal has inaugurated a low-cost charter flight service which aims to transport Catholic pilgrims to holy sites. The airline expects to transport around 150,000 pilgrims in its first year. Flights will initially go to Catholic shrines in France, Poland, Spain as well as the Middle East.

The Vatican has signed a five-year agreement through its local travel organisation which organises pilgrimages for the Diocese of Rome.

The charter airline, called Mistral Air, normally carries courier cargo, letters and parcels for the Italian post office. Mistral Air’s two charter jets are already painted in the Vatican colours of yellow and white. Moreover, interiors are decorated with sacred inscriptions such as: “I search for your face, Lord.” (from the BBC).

When I was in Rome recently I visited the Vatican: the huge complex of monolithic, lavish, opulent buildings that are home to the successors of the man from Galilee who preached humility, simplicity and poverty. Now it seems they’ve gone one step further and got into the travel trade.

Could they get any more worldly or any less Godly?

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