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Meaning seeking

7 November, 2007

“We humans seem to possess a deep-seated longing to find the truth, even though that longing is easily suppressed by the mundane details of daily life. Those distractions combine with a desire to avod considering our own mortality, so that days, weeks, months or even years can easily pass where no serious consideration is given to the eternal questions of human existence.”

From ‘The Language of God’, by Francis Collins

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  1. 8 November, 2007 12:08 pm

    We pondered Frankl a while ago “.… the perception of meaning, as I see it, more specifically boils down to becoming aware of a possibility against the background of reality ”
    I found a connection while reading
    “To me, the “evolution v. creation” debate is really a matter of poor communication more than it is a real debate. The “usefulness” of a model of thinking about reality is determined by one’s purpose. An “evolutionary” model is more useful for harmonizing physical, observable evidence and explaining the biological relationships between organisms and their environment. A “creationist” model is more useful for maintaining belief in a peculiarly literal reading of certain myths from the Bible.

    Depending on one’s purpose, one will choose one over the other based on its usefulness in achieving that purpose. This usefulness is often mistaken for “truth” by both sides so that they can’t see that each is “right” within the confines of their own perspective and purposes.”

    It’s a fuzzy connection, needs some time to sort itself out.

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