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Live to shop, live to drink

17 December, 2007

So, I visited my town of birth at the weekend. Depressing!

During the evning: pavements packed with fellow-humans inappropriately dressed for freezing temperatures, drinking over-priced alcohol to excess, and conning themselves into believing thet they were ‘having a good time’.

During the day: pavements packed with fellow-humans doggedley going about their ‘pre-Christmas’ purchase-fest; it had never quite hit me just how much our (‘developed world’) culture relies upon consuming, consuming and more consuming. Shops werestacked floor-to-ceiling with the kind of tacky ‘gift’ that is produced entirely for the Christmas market, whose only purpose is to part customer from cash (so-called ‘novelty’ gifts – hah!). We don’t buy things that we need for survival. We don’t even necessarily buy things that our loved-ones will actually use. We just buy anything to show that we fit in with the general spendfest and to show that we haven’t forgotten our loved ones at this special time of … consumption. Why not just give a hug? a conversation?

Is it all just a way of avoiding hard existential reality?

Wouldn’t accepting reality, in the end, be more honest?

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