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Live as if there were a God

24 December, 2007

“… Is there something in the life process itself that is trying to express itself through the dark mirror of human consciousness?

“Obviously, there is no way of answering that questions, but there is a way of responding to it.

“We could choose to live as though the best meaning and purpose we can find or our own lives is the very meaning and purpose of the universe itself. We could pay the Universe a compliment it probably does not deserve by living as though its purpose were love, as one tradition in Christianity says it is. And it the universe, in the end were to prove us wrong, who cares?

“Our lives then would have been an act of defiance of indefferent power, and power is always worth defying. Even though we experience God as absent, we should continue to live as though he were present in love.

“That’s why I love (the words of) Unamuno:

‘Man is perishing. That may be; and if it is nothingness that awaits us, let us so act that it will be an unjust fate’.”

Looking in the Distance, Richard Holloway.

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