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Ten permissions

12 February, 2008

Just been re-reading the Ten Commandments.

I mean, what is that all about? They’re all so, like, negative.

How about we update them for the 21st century? Oh, and write them as permissions or suggestions, rather than commandments… and maybe not have ten, ‘cos it’s too much of a nice round number and nothing in life is that neat.

Let me see…

You can:

  1. feel all your feelings; they are all good.
  2. use all your faculties and aptitudes to the full.
  3. strive to become everything that you are capable of being.
  4. think; but remember that there’s no way the human brain can understand every little thing in this enormous universe.
  5. do whatever doesn’t harm another animate or inanimate part of creation.
  6. stay in touch with the Earth and the creatures on it, including humans.

You might find it useful to:

  • regularly recall the tinyness of your existence and the shortnss of your lifetime when set aganist the enormity of the universe; bear this in mind as you do 1 – 6.
  • treat others as you would like them to treat you.

Any more?

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  1. 19 February, 2008 12:10 pm

    I’d probably keep don’t lie, kill or steal they work for me.
    oh and appreciate and love nature, fellow beings, bla bla it all gets very pious.
    but, good post it’s much harder than you’d think coming up with new commandments.

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