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Some reasons for being a member of a religious group (2)

25 June, 2008

1.                 upbringing; you were brought up that everyone should have a religion, and haven’t questioned that

2.                 culture: in your country / region, religion and culture are closely intertwined: most everybody is a member of that group;

3.                 hero; you admire the founder of the group and want to show that you identify with him / her

4.                 local heroes; you admire other members of the group and the way they act/ talk/ … and want to be like them

5.                 loneliness; membership brings you human contact, even friendship

6.                 you’re looking for answers and they seem to offer some

7.                 you feel uncomfortable with the uncertainties of life, and religion persuades you there are some certainties

8.                 you want to live life according to a moral code and think that morality only stems from religious beliefs

9.                 being a member of the group brings you privileges in society,

10.             being a member of this group gives you power over others

11.             separateness; group membership lets you feel that you’re ‘better’ than some / all other humans

12.             you like ritual

13.             your partner is already a member of it and you want to fit in

14.             guidance: you like being told what to do

15.             you are seeking meaning in life and think a religion might point you to it

16.             you feel uncomfortable with the values of (western) consumer society and are looking for something more

17.             curiosity: you just wanna know what this religious stuff is all about

18.             you yearn to be accepted into a group

19.             order: you believe that religion is a force for good in society

20.             you feel guilt and want your sins to be washed away

21.             you seek tranquility in your busy life

22.             you’re afraid of your own death, or what comes after, and religion might let you believe you’re eternal.

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