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7 February, 2009

Isn’t it weird that the word ‘Mystic’ can mean so many different, often opposing, things?


Differing religious traditions describe mystical experience variously on continua ranging


From:        union with God (Henosis in Neoplatonism and Theosis in Christianity, Brahma-Prapti or Brahma-Nirvana in Hinduism) [possibly through Nullification and absorption within God‘s Infinite Light (Chassidic schools of Judaism)]

To:           experience of one’s own true blissful nature (Samadhi or Svarupa-Avirbhava in Hinduism).


Or from:    complete detachment from the world (Kaivalya in some schools of Hinduism, including Sankhya and Yoga; Jhana in Buddhism) through

To:           deep intrinsic connection to the world (Satori in Mahayana Buddhism, Te in Taoism)


Via:           Innate Knowledge (Irfan and fitra in Islam),

and:          liberation from the cycles of Karma (Moksha in Jainism and Hinduism, Nirvana in Buddhism).


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