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2 November, 2009

God’s a human construct.

Just like a wikipedia entry, we keep discussing, adding to and updating our understanding of ‘God’: redefining what we mean by ‘God’ so it fits our changing perception of reality, so it fits with the understanding of as many interested people as possible.

And, just like an encyclopedia entry, the problems only really come when a group of self-appointed men (they’re usually men) stop the interactive updating process, deny open access to the wiki and decide that :

  • what they have written is the absolute, unchangeable truth; 
  • those whose understanding of reality is different from this are to be shunned, outlawed, or even killed.

We need to get back to a more wiki understanding of ‘God’.

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  1. 9 November, 2009 3:56 am

    Oh my god. I came up with a VERY similar idea with the same name. Except I started mine on October 29… 4 days earlier! That’s really spooky…
    A “Wiki” religion. I started it at and was just Googling around to see if anyone else used the term. I did a preliminary search initially.
    Now THIS is a coincidence.

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