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No doubt at all!

4 January, 2010

Thanks to NSS for this information about the increasing number of Britons who see religion as irrelevant…

New research from the National Centre for Social Research shows that:

  • over the last 2 decades the number of people describing themselves as atheist or agnostic has risen to 37%, while those identifying themselves as Christian has dropped from 66% to 50%. (but there has been an increase from 2% to 7% in non-Christian religious affiliation due to immigration and population growth amongst ethnic minorities. )
  • in 1983, 40% of people described themselves as Anglicans, now only 23% do so; (among these, not even a fifth attend church as much as once a month, and half never go at all.)
  • 43% of people do not feel they belong to any particular religion, up from 31% in 1983.
  • 62% of people in Britain never attend religious services;
  • 67% think religious leaders should not try to influence Government decision-making;
  • 73% think people with strong religious beliefs are often too intolerant of others.

What’s REALLY scary, though, is this:

  • 17% of Britons are completely without doubt about the existence of God (17% too many, but OK …)
  • BUT in the USA, a MASSIVE 61% of people say they have no doubt that God exists.

Two thirds of people have no doubts, at all? … what are they ON?

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  1. 4 January, 2010 8:01 pm

    For a whole different take, take a look at this! “The growing presence of spirituality in Corporate America”

  2. 5 January, 2010 11:32 pm

    Thanks! …also a bit scary…

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