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“I hope the wretched organisation will vanish entirely”

19 April, 2010

This from an interesting interview with Phillip Pullman in the Guardian:

The other subject of his vitriol is the Catholic church. “It’s been caught with its trousers down, in many different ways, hasn’t it?” he says of the recent abuse scandals. “They didn’t expect this sort of thing to happen, this sort of thing to come out; they didn’t expect to have to account for themselves in the way that they’ve had to. But this is what happens, always, when you have an organisation whose authority derives from something that may not be questioned.

“Now,” he continues, “when you get that sort of authority, in any set-up, the potential for corruption is wide open. And when it comes to looking after children or people who are incapable or helpless, well human beings are tempted. And of course part of the reason it happens is priestly celibacy. They’ll deny it and say it’s nothing to do with that, but of course it is, of course it is. That’s not to say that married men are free from temptation or never given way to it, because of course they have, but the level of frustration and unhappiness and unfulfillment that must build up in a man who’s denied one of the most important aspects of his humanity, it’ll get bad.”

I ask him if he thinks the scandal will change the Catholic church. “I hope so,” he says quickly, and then draws back. “Well why do I hope so? In one way, I hope the wretched organisation will vanish entirely. So I’m looking on with a degree of dispassionate interest.” He does not, at this moment, seem so dispassionate.

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